Saturday, July 23, 2011

Nerdy Toy Airplane

"What was I thinking?" I asked myself on the car ride home after the purchase. I just bought J a toy with 25 pieces!! The alternate toy was a Little People knock-off airplane with 3-4 parts (the airplane and a few people). That was the toy J initially wanted, but I couldn't talk myself into spending a ridiculous amount of money on a toy where you just put people in and out of the airplane...BORRRRING!! Instead I kept looking in the store and found a very similar looking airplane that you could assemble and disassemble with its very own play power tool!  If that's not a fun toy, I don't know what is!  We talked J into that toy instead.  It wasn't a tough sale at all...

J couldn't wait to get home and try the new toy.  Here's how we spent this afternoon.

Mommy demonstrating

J's turn
(Note: tongue = concentration)

Almost ready

My proud Engineer-In-Training!

**Note, I have a fun, new experiment on the way.  It's a video demonstration.  It should be posted hopefully tomorrow or Monday.  My video editing software freezes my computer.  I blame Windows.

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