Thursday, December 22, 2011

Robot Arm

This is how I spent the first day of my winter vacation:

I'll post video of J playing with it soon. It needs to be bolted down so it doesn't tip over when the arm is pushed all of the way down. We're brainstorming ways to also get it to stop before the motor skips if pushed to its limits. Since it was a cheap kit, it's probably going to be hard to make adjustments. If you are a little more familiar with electronics, suggestions are greatly appreciated.

In terms of what I am hoping to show with it:
  • Robots are cool!
  • Input and response (controls)
    • Make the robot go up/down, side/side, open/close (my 2 yr old can do this)
    • Pick up objects and put them down somewhere else (more advanced)

Other plans to go with robot curriculum
  • Electricity and circuits (still working on how exactly this will play out for the little ones)
  • Gears (yay mechanical engineering!)
  • Controller game (something I'm creating for the 4-7 yr olds to learn how to use programming type language and learn about degrees of a circle and distances - stay tuned)

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