Thursday, September 20, 2012

Sunset Colors

The things I miss about home (Vegas) is the year-round vivid sunsets.  I know this happens elsewhere, but it hardly ever happens here in the Bay.  When it does, I always feel homesick.  Anyways, J saw his first red sunset this weekend on our drive home from a long road trip (we happened to be in the East Bay, but I didn't have a camera handy).

J: "Mommy the sky is red!"

Here's how our two minute science lesson went:

-The colors of the sunset are due to the sunlight bouncing off of other objects on the earth (scatter).  I didn't have the reference at the time, but this article does a great job explaining light scattering and its affect on the sunset colors.
-What colors do you think the sun gives out/reflects?
-We actually watch it go from yellow to orange to red and the clouds were a deep purple. We named all of the colors we saw.  He was excited the most when it reached red.
-Clouds add more excitement, giving the sunlight more things to bounce off of.

Now I will share my love of sunset (and photos of them) to you.  Despite my desire to tell you that Southwest sunsets are the best, it seems that I have them from quite a few places.  To engage you a little bit, we'll play a guessing game.  Where was each sunset captured?  I included treelines for some hints.  Bonus points for naming the time of year.








Got your guesses?

Here are the answers:

1. Aptos, CA - June 2008
2. Rancho Mirage, CA - May 2007
3. Minneapolis, MN - July 2006
4. Yosemite - September 2006
5. Waikiki, HI - December 2005
6. Austin, TX - July 2008 - did the bats give it away?
7. Las Vegas, NV - January 2006 - it is Vegas, so no trees, sorry.  I cropped out light poles and stripper billboards (since that might give it away and it's a family friendly blog).

Looks like I need to chase sunsets more since it's been over 4 years since my last sunset picture.  No wonder J hasn't seen any.

How many did you guess right or close enough?  I'd say close enough answer for
1: CA Hwy 1 around Santa Cruz
2: Palm Springs
5. Hawaii


  1. I didn't get any of them! But, that Vegas sunset looks exactly like our Massachusetts Sunset last night! If we cropped out the trees :)

    1. That Jello-red color sunset is my favorite kind by far! We've had a few turn that color in the Bay, but out of our 7 years, we can probably count them on one hand.