Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Math Land Barbie

I'm a nerd. I've always been. I was forced to clean out my parent's house back in March. Since I'm the only one in my family with a kid of my own, I "inherited" all of the board games. Included in the games was one I only semi-remember making in 11th grade trigonometry/pre-calculus. I'm pretty sure it was an assignment though looking back at it, I went waaaaay overboard.

A friend gave me the Dream Date Barbie board game for my 10th bday. It barely got used. When we got this assignment, I thought it would be fun to have something smart related to Barbie. I was willing to sacrifice the board game for the math assignment. I combined it with a new version of Candy Land (which retails under $10) to make the one and only Math Land Barbie.

I used the Barbie and Ken pieces and pasted the Barbie themed tiles over the Candy Land graphics.

All of the Candy Land cards have word problems written on them. The double color cards have double problem sets. I believe they were color coded based on level of problem solving difficulty. I'm sad to admit that some of the questions will need references in order to solve again (luckily there's an answer key, with work shown, that comes with the game!! Time to relearn up through trig/pre-calc math).

Anyone up for a math challenge? Maybe we can play virtually. Otherwise, I'm considering giving the to my littlest bro-in-law who will be majoring in math in the fall for some nerdy dorm fun at college.

A special shout-out goes to Mrs. E. for the fun assignment and math memories.


  1. Definitely overboard, but in a good way!

  2. This is a fantastic idea! I'm going to use it with special education students who are hands on learners!