Sunday, February 2, 2014

The Guessing Game - Practicing Descriptive Words

Lately, J has been playing this game where he pulls out everything he owns and hides it behind his back. He then makes us guess what it is by his clues. Luckily, his clues have gotten better as the game has progressed.

This is a great game for beginning to use descriptive words, which are useful in the scientific world. 

These words can describe:
  • what the object looks like.
    • Is it big, small, colorful, etc.?
  • the shape of the object.
    • Is it round, oval, square, rectangular, etc.?
  • what the object feels like.
    • Is it smooth, slimy, bumpy, etc.?
  • what the object is used for.
    • Is it used for cooking, cleaning, fun, a specific purpose?
  • what letter the object begins with.
  • what sounds the object makes.
  • if it can be used more than once.

My favorite clues J has come up with:
  • It is used to hit a baseball. (Baseball Bat)
  • I wear this on my head to protect my eyes from the sun. (Baseball cap)
  • It begins with an M and is used to make cold food warm. (cardboard microwave - this one threw gma off during a Skype guessing game session)

One that threw us off:

  • He said there was something behind his back.
  • He was not holding it.
  • It's blue.

Yay for static electricity!

Seriously, this game has killed much time in our household. It's usually an impromptu game due to boredom, but we love to play it on Skype with his grandparents. It's fun to see him improve on his descriptions too.

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  1. What a great educational game or kids! The balloon being held on with static electricity is very clever!