Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Garden Disaster

I guess this is our punishment for 80 degree weather in March. Something ate all of our cucumber leaves!!

This makes us all sad (J was on the verge of tears upon discovering this scene today). We'll wait a few days and see what the plants will do. I'm thinking we'd have to invest in new cucumber plants (it is early in the season)...or maybe steer clear of cucumbers this year. It was a hot item for creek rodents last year (I never saw what was eating our plants, but I have seen raccoon and squirrels in the neighborhood). We didn't need to net the plants this early before. The problem with netting/covers is that it doesn't allow for J to freely pick his produce. The netting was more annoying than anything else. The rodents chewed through it, and the cucumber plants grew through it.

I just bought a decoy owl and some Deer Off spray that should arrive by Thursday. We might have to still devise some sort of cage/cover. Sigh.

Any tips for garden disaster recovery?


  1. So frustrating! We planted maybe a dozen pea plants, and so far one is surviving. Those climbing black squirrels are pretty impossible to defend against, I feel like. I feel like I need a greenhouse just to keep the animals away. Very frustrating!

    1. I'm sorry the pesky squirrels are bothering you too. The Deer Off spray should ward them off according to the bottle, and we'll also be protected from vampires too (it's heavy on the garlic). I'm having John look into making us a crop cage or two. We don't want to spend too much $$, but we also want to get something from our investment.