Wednesday, May 21, 2014

How early is too early to start science?

Miss Baby J is now 6 weeks old. Time is flying by, when it's not 2 am.

We're starting to get into a routine now that our special helpers/visitors have all gone home, which means that it's just me and Miss Baby J during the day (when J's at preschool). Research tells us that we should talk to our babies starting as young as possible, but what should we talk about? Science!

She is calmer when she hears my voice, so I do love talking to her. Here are some things that I've talked about with Miss Baby J:
  • Kiss a body part and talk about the body part (anatomy) - my personal favorite.
  • Count fingers, toes, and other body parts (math).
  • Colors (physics).
  • The weather (physics/thermodynamics).
  • Sing songs, clap rhythms (music).
  • Identify noises we hear (physics/fluid dynamics).
  • How anything we come across that catches her attention works (various science categories).
  • Facts about different animals while pointing out the animal in J's and her stuffed animals (biology).
  • Trees and other plants (biology).
What do you discuss with your infant?


  1. I tend to be very silly with my infants. I sing with them a lot. I love your ideas.

    1. Oh, I'm silly too. I love doing anything I can to make them smile. Baby smiles are the best!