Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Introduction: About Me

I grew up loathing, yes - loathing, science, but I was good at math from a very young age.  I had mentors who kept telling me that I should be an engineer because I was good at math and liked the idea about improving people's lives through innovation.  However, as I entered high school, I learned that engineers need to be good at science.  Sigh.  I got through high school science but I never really felt that I learned anything.

It wasn't until college when I started mentoring and volunteering teaching young children science that I actually began understanding the scientific world around me.  The difference: presentation!  The volunteering activities were always hands-on and allowed me to explain the concepts to the kids in a very graspable manner.  I enjoyed watching many kids' light bulbs turn on as they made discoveries and wished that someone could have shown me those light bulb experiences when I was younger.

I graduated with a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Portland and a MS in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University.  I've worked for almost four years as a Biomedical Engineer in research analysis of human motion trying to understand the mechanical and biological pathways to knee osteoarthritis. Though this isn't my forever job, I would like to stay in the medical field, as helping others feel better is very rewarding.

My teaching background includes teaching science at Camp Galileo, tutoring middle and high school science, multiple volunteer experiences teaching middle and high school girls about the joys of science, math, and engineering through the Society of Women Engineers (SWE), and volunteering with the Physics of Toys program at the Exploratorium.  The biggest teaching job I currently have is being Mama to my 20 month old son.  I started Nerdy Baby in hopes to help encourage other parents foster their children's natural desires to explore the world around them.

J and I fountain hopping, Nov 2010


  1. Just letting you know I added you to my blogroll! :-) Yaay science!

  2. Thanks, Stevie!! Yay science!!