Tuesday, May 24, 2011

You know when...

...you have a nerdy baby when his favorite letter is in the Greek alphabet.

...you are married to a nerd when you get an evening out away from the baby and he examines the serving ware in hopes to determine how it's made (then explains the process while waiting for the food - hey, at least the discussion didn't revolve around the nerdy baby).

...you are a nerd when you explain to your child why popcorn can be eaten almost immediately after putting it in a bowl.

...you are married to a nerd when he steps in and further clarifies your statement about the convection cooling of popcorn.

**I'm trying to record the moments that caused funny looks we've received being a nerdy family out in the public.  I'd be happy to hear your nerdy moments.  Step up and earn your "N" for the day :-).

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