Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Fan Box

I ordered a bunch of cheap personal fans and they arrived 2 weeks later than anticipated (so I didn't have them for my Sail Boats activity with J's class last month).  However, we had to try them out to see if they worked.  They didn't seem too powerful, so the first thing I picked up to try to blow over was the box it came in.  It worked.

J decided this was a great game to play.

After the camera stopped rolling, J played for 20 minutes with the fan and the box, which was a nice distraction while I cooked dinner.  Then afterward, we had the battle of the fans.  I took a fan and J took a fan.  Then we tried to see who could blow over the box first while on opposite sides of the fan box.  It resulted in much laughter.  Now, every few days, he'll find the fan and it's box and remember this game.

Lessons from this quick science experiment:
*Wind creates forces that can move/knock over objects.
*Where do you aim to knock over the box?
*Can you move the box with the fan without tiping it over?

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  1. A post just in time for 90+ degree weather for us. We're playing with fans a lot around here!