Wednesday, September 7, 2011


I decided to stick with the park toy theme this week. Parks are full of free science fun!

Thinking about it, swings work with:
-Angular motion
-Transfer of energy
-Friction and aerodynamics

We placed J in the swing and tried to get him to swing himself by "pumping" his legs.

Some things to try:
-How high can you swing from sitting still?
-Don't pump.  How long does it take to stop?
-Do you swing better if you lean back while you go forward with your legs out?
-Pump your legs at different times (one then the other).  What happens?
-Pump your legs in the opposite way than normal.  Instead of out when you come forward, pull your knees in and instead of bent when you go backwards, put your knees out.  What happens?
-If you are comfortable with your child sitting in different positions**, try sideways or standing up or spider (two children on one swing, facing each other).
-Match the swinging period of your swinging neighbor (we called this "shadow" back in the day).
-Twist while swinging.  What happens?

**I am not.  I'm the mean Mommy who won't let my child have any fun like climbing up the slide or swinging sideways or standing up.

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There's also a neat project for building a science museum for kids in Baton Rouge:, text 108949 to 73774

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