Thursday, June 14, 2012

New Logo - Nerdy Science Flask

I have an amazingly talented friend from my high school class who took the time to help me create a new logo.  As much as I love J with the fan, he'll be retired as what I chose for my temporary logo 1.5 yrs ago (things move slowly with a full time job + full time Mommy + part time trying to spread the science passion).  I've been brewing up the logo idea since probably August/Sept 2011, but I'm really not artistic.  I told my friend my idea of a science flask with nerdy glasses, and she ran with it.

Anyways, here are the new logos:

Blog header:

Smaller logo:

Aren't they super cute??

My graphic designer friend is super awesome, but she's also super busy.  I'd love to send people her way and get her exposure and business, but I want to get her permission before doing so.

Next in line, fixing up my actual Nerdy Science website instead of redirecting it here.

***Edit 6/19/12***
Chrissy May designed the logo.  Her website is currently a work in progress, but check her out, tell her how much you love my new logo, and give her some business too:  Thanks again, Chrissy.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks MaryAnne. I love having talented friends. The new logo brings a smile to my face, just like science does :-). Would your kids like some Nerdy Science stickers with the new logo?

  2. Your Nerdy Science logo is darling! Kudos to your friend.

    Carol Gilbert
    (Girl Scouts Tech program)

    1. Hi Carol. Thanks for checking it out. She did an awesome job.

      I can't wait to show the girls the gait lab during the next school year. I think they'll have a great time! We'll laser scan a few, gait test at least one, maybe have them test their strength on the Cybex machine.

      Hope you are having a fantastic summer.