Thursday, August 30, 2012

Airplane house - lesson on building tall and modifying designs

J pulled out his Duplos for the first time in forever and stated that he wanted to make an "airplane house", which I assumed was what I call a hangar (where the airplanes live, right?).

He built the tall structure (on the left) and started flying it around our house. He seriously meant an airplane house. Upon building the "tall tall" structure, J had a few balance issues. We discussed where to put blocks if it was leaning one way or the other. Once he got his airplane, I showed him what I thought he meant by airplane house (hangar), and he thought that was so much fun that the airplane almost fit under his airplane house. We modified his house slightly (adding a block of height and widening the legs - all by "trial and error") until the airplane fit in its house. J was so excited that he then built a train and a house for the train all by himself (to the right on the picture).

What I hope J took from this impromptu lesson:
  • Hands-on experience building tall structures - balance, design, modifications, re-design, re-build.
  • Spatial awareness - does the airplane fit? What can we do to make the airplane fit?
  • When he tried to give the blue airplane a tall tail, we had a brief discussion about simple aerodynamics and why I thought the airplane wouldn't be able to fly in real life.
Thanks to J for showing me some fun, unexpected science this past weekend!

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