Thursday, March 14, 2013

Happy Pi Day 2013

Rest assure that I am currently sound asleep (or so I hope). I scheduled this to be posted at 1:59a to wish you a very Happy Pi Day (3.14159...)! If you miss it, it's ok to celebrate at 1:59p.

I will be sharing this I <3 Pi pie with my colleagues at work today. The minis will be given to friends.

J and John helped me make the pies. J had a blast with the pie crust: "It's like playdough!" I asked him if he wanted the I <3 Pi pie for his class or if he wanted the chocolate cream, thaw and serve, pie that I bought. Of course, there is no competing with chocolate when it comes to a 3 yr old. Good, because I promised my coworkers a mixed berry pie. I'm actually a little sad that I am missing J's school pi day for the first time since he's been able to eat pie. My normal lab meeting got moved an hour later, making me miss snacktime :-(. I'm sure J will represent Pi Day pretty well on his own (after all it was his first letter he recognized).

We're going to meet one of my good friends from high school for some pi(e) out after school/work today. It's nice to have nerdy friends.

I wish you the Nerdiest of Pi Days!

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  1. Happy Pi day! I love that pi is the first letter J recognized!