Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pi Day 2013 Greatness

People ask me, "What is Pi Day?" My default answer is, "It's like St. Patty's Day, but for the nerds." Instead of green, we wear Pi embellishments, and we eat Pi(e) inspired foods (pizza pie, pot pie, fruit pies, etc). Some people might even go as far as making nerdy Pi drinks, like a PIna Colada or PIneapple juice. You also don't have to be a nerd to celebrate. Ok, maybe you do ;-).

Our homemade mixed berry pi(e) was a hit at my lab meeting and J's schoolmates loved the chocolate cream, Oreo pie.

I want a Pi Day family photo. Out of the last 4 years, we've managed two (2009 (pre-J) and 2011). Luckily, J was a willing participant in our photo shoot this year...

...if we allowed him one silly picture:

After the picture session, we went out for pie with a really good friend of mine, but at dinner/pie, J started feeling icky and couldn't finish his pie :-(. Nobody should be sick on Pi Day! I hope he feels better with a good night sleep.


  1. Love your family Pi Day pictures! They both came out great!

    I hope J is feeling better now, and that it was just a temporary thing.

    1. Thanks! I was satisfied with our self portraits. Unfortunately, we're home "sick" with J. He woke up at 99.8 degrees. The cut-off for school is 100. I'm sure with the difference in measure device accuracy that I would have been called in to get him. He's down to normal temps right now, 7 hours after his last dose of acetaminophen. I'm hoping it was a 12 hour something, and we'll have a good weekend and school/work on Monday. I knew something wasn't right when he didn't finish his pie.