Monday, May 6, 2013

Free Online Child Nutrition and Cooking Course

Stanford is offering a free online Child Nutrition and Cooking Course. Today was the first official day.

I decided at the last minute to join the class this morning. We are minimal cookers in our family. It's hard as two working parents to cook every night of the week. If you don't count sandwich and quesadilla nights, we have maybe 8-10 dishes we repeat over and over. We also eat out on weekends as our form of entertainment. I wanted to see if the course would offer at least some fresh ideas on how to eat in more.

After joining the class, I realized a big challenge in at least the first assignment. A veggie dish appetizer which is due on Saturday. We've been sick around here, we don't have any cookable veggies (my family has sensory/texture issues/preferences with cooked veggies), and we're going to be busy most of the week, including the days leading up to Saturday. If I was going to complete the assignment, I needed to do it today or tomorrow. If I waited till tomorrow, I'd have a great amount of anxiety. If it was something I cooked with veggies, my family wouldn't eat it.

Anyways, I decided not to cook but rather prepare the raw veggies in a fun display for my picky eaters. There's enough veggies in there to satisfy everyone. They don't have to eat the ones they don't like. There's also roasted garlic hummus for those who like to dip.

Based on my posts on Nerdy Science and now this one, can you tell we like vehicles in our house? Here's my bus scene. We have many different veggie people, zucchini as wheels, and bell pepper benches and greenery. The rainbow of colors is good, as each color contains different nutrients. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to share it, but I decided to make it instead of watching The Voice. It was that important to me. I also submitted for grading before posting this. The time stamps should be in my favor. I'm satisfied with it:

Assignments are peer reviewed, so I'm a little nervous that it's not cooked. After 6 years of being done, I forgot how anxious school makes me.

We'll see how J likes it tomorrow since he's the ultimate judge and who I'm doing this for. He may not eat it since he's still not feeling well. This stomach bug he's had since Friday just won't go away!


  1. I love all the colors, and it's definitely healthy! Hope it does well for you! And I really hope that J is feeling better by now!

    1. Thanks! It's been yummy so far. Hopefully, J will be back to school tomorrow...apparently this bug took out half of his school and teachers!

    2. Eek!

      Have I told you we're moving to the bay area this fall? Do you have any preschool (or elementary school) recommendations?

    3. Oh how exciting!! Congratulations!! Do you know the city where you'd be living?

      We really love our school. It took some time to warm up to it, but J is really flourishing in the preschool levels. J's been going there since 7 weeks. I might private message you with more details if you'd like. I have looked at other preschools before deciding to stay put. I'm hoping to go with public schools since they are so good out here, but that is still a year away.