Monday, May 20, 2013

Our first homegrown cucumber!

Here's what it looked like in our garden on May 16:

We could have let it grow a little bigger, but we were anxious to try it! We ate half of it with our chicken sandwiches for dinner tonight. J wants to take the rest to his teachers and for him to eat at lunch time tomorrow. He's so proud of what he has helped to grow.

Side note: It's a good thing we like cucumbers since there are many more to come. This particular variety tastes like what is sold in grocery stores and doesn't have a bitter rind that I've tasted in some other homegrown cucumbers.


  1. I'm glad this kind tastes nice, since you will have so many! I actually prefer cucumbers that are young, rather than full grown.

    1. I forgot that I typically eat refrigerated cucumbers and wondered why this cucumber was so warm. It still tasted good. We might plan ahead next time to chill it before consumption :-)