Saturday, March 19, 2011

Boom Box

This game about Moments, which J coined "Boom Box," turns out to be pretty fun.

I like to think of Moments as "What can you tip?"  The basic science behind this game is:

Moment = force x distance

Ultimately, the force applied at a distance rotates the object.

J taught me this lesson in moments upon climbing into the diaper box.  I figured to let him experiment but that I'd be there for spotting and encouragement.

Some fun things to try:

*Stand on your knees and push on the box.
*Stand up and push on the box (this changes the distance of the center of mass - the force - to axis of rotation)
*Try to rotate about long side of the box.  Is it the same or different as rotating over the short edge?
*Can you balance on the edge of the box?

Note, J was not harmed in his experiments.  Luckily, we have soft carpet.  I learned to start the camera, and then place J in the box.  This required a little more editing on my end.

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