Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day!

Too bad we don't celebrate Pi Day with a day off of work/school.  I'll be adding to this post this evening to tell you all about our Pi Day.

In the meantime, the Exploratorium has a few was to celebrate Pi Day that seem like fun.

Addition on 3/14:

Here's a rundown of the day:

We went to work and school.

I brought pi(e) to J's school for afternoon snack.  The kiddos LOVED blackberry pie!  We talked about the general shape of the pie (circle).  Then what we cut the pie pieces into (triangles) and where the blackberries come from (Oregon - needs lots of rain in the winter and a lot of sunshine in the summer).  Yummy!

As I walked into his classroom, J points to my shirt and shouts, "Pi!" Then I asked what was on his shirt, he said "Pi!" When Dada got home, J was excited to see his shirt had "Pi!" too!  Too bad he has yet to shout out a letter of our alphabet.

Then we had our traditional pie for dessert.  (sshhh, I had 3 slices today)

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