Thursday, March 31, 2011


**Edited 4-10-11 to add shadow jumping video**

Not too long ago, we were complaining of 2 months of continuous rain.  We never saw the sun.  This week we jumped from low 60s and rain to almost 80 and SUNSHINE!!  (Being a Vegas kid, I really, really missed the sun).

I've been letting J play outside during what I call the "witching hours" - where if we are inside, he'd have a meltdown and I would say things that make me feel like the worst parent ever.  Usually, we're on a bike or playing with a ball.  Well, today, J took a break from his play to say "Hi!" to his shadow.  It's so fun to see how novel everything is to a little kid.

Things to try with your shadow:
*Run towards your shadow.  Then run away.
*Shadow puppets.
*Note the different lengths of the shadow during different times of the day.  Which time of the day casts the longest shadows?
*Jump/stomp on your shadow (J's favorite).  This is really fun to watch and can actually keep a kid occupied for quite some time.
*Jump/stomp on Mama's shadow.
*Stand in one spot and face north (your shadow should face north at noon if you are in the Northern Hemisphere) or in the same orientation (facing a particular tree).  Mark with sidewalk chalk where the top of your head is each hour.  Can you tell time with your shadow?  Possibly draw a sidewalk chalk clock.

Enjoy the sun!!  And, wear your sunscreen!! Wow, now I sound like a real mom.

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