Friday, November 18, 2011


I am a mechanical engineer, but I have an abnormal fear of machines.  They are loud and you can cause some serious damage if you use them wrong.  I avoided the shop in undergrad since I wasn't really passionate about building Baja or Formula cars, and that was the main thing going on down there.  I also couldn't fit the super duper shop class in my schedule in grad school.  I have quite the learning curve for making my curriculum visions reality.  It makes me nervous to join a machine shop, like when you are new to a gym to workout and you feel like everyone is looking at and judging you.  However, I'm looking forward to learning something new and creating something great for the kids!

Wish me luck!

** Thinking about my abnormal fear, I guess I should be more sensitive to J's fears of lawn mowers/gardeners and construction noise and workers.

Edited 2/26/12 to correct spelling error that was bugging me

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