Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween Candy Math

I am one proud Mama right now.  My child can subtract!

After bribing my child with Halloween candy in order to get him to eat his dinner, we had an unexpected math lesson.  Here's how it went.

The lesson first started as J wanted to cut his sandwich in half.  Yay, fractions!

Then in order to get Tootsie Rolls, he had to eat both halves (aka, all) of his sandwich.  There were no complaints, and this was the quickest I've seen him down a PB&J.

After acknowledging the completion of his dinner, I asked if he'd like 2 or 3 mini Tootsie Rolls (a lesson in greater than/less than).  He chose 3 (of course, he is my child).  I unwrapped three Tootsie Rolls and placed them on his dinner plate.  We counted them.  He immediately scarfed one down.  Without asking, he pointed out that he had 2 Tootsie Rolls.  Awwwwww.  Down went the second Tootsie Roll, and he stated about his one left.  Yay, math!

Sugar is good for something!I am one proud Mama right now.  My child can subtract!

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