Friday, November 4, 2011

Straw Rockets

The waitress was asking for it by putting a handful of straws in front of a group of boys.

However, being a little mischievous (and bored) myself, I started it.

This is also for every action (blowing into the straw), there's an equal and opposite reaction (the straw flies off - preferably hitting an unsuspecting friend/family member).

Note, it works best if you take off one end of the straw wrapper gently (ie, not pounding the straw into the table to get it out of the wrapper).  We ended up reusing the straw wrappers so we weren't as wasteful.

Things to try:

  • Vary the amount of pressure through the straw.  Blow harder, blow softer.  What happens?
  • Aim and shoot at a target - preferably not at people's faces.
  • Try blowing through big straws and little straws with wrappers.  Do you see any differences?  Why do you think that could be?
Science is fun!

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