Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Colors + Light follow-up

Here's a fun website to learn more about colors and lights: The Physics Classroom.

Mixing light is different than paint.  For example red + green = yellow (instead of brownish) and blue + red =  magenta (instead of purple)

White = all primary light colors (R+G+B)


Black = all primary paint colors (R+B+Y)

Mixing light is additive where as mixing paint is subtractive.

Mix different colors of paint
Shine/mix similar colors of light
Compare and contrast

Alternate equipment:
Instead of flashlights, we also have small LED lights of red, blue, and green.  This seems to be less of a hassle than taping cellophane to flashlights.  Big J bought them a few years ago for a Cub Scout activity about photography and light.  Just remember not to stare into LED lights.

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