Monday, January 2, 2012

Flashlight colors

Woohoo!  Happy New Year!!

Today we taped some cellophane to flashlights and mixed colors.  Yay, visible light!

Tips and tricks:

  • Use lots of cellophane - if you think you need more, you probably do (for example, the blue flashlight pictured above needs more cellophane).
  • So we didn't have 3 rolls of cellophane in our small living space, we purchased red and yellow cellophane bags for 99 cents (and have lots left over) - a blue bag wasn't available in bag form at our local craft store, so we bought a roll of blue.
  • Scotch tape works just fine to hold the cellophane to the flashlights.
  • It works best if the two flashlights are the same type and size (see yellow and red above).  We ended up switching the flashlight for the blue/red pictures below.
  • Shine the lights on a piece of white paper.
  • Shine the lights on non-white surfaces - which works better?
  • Turn down the surrounding lights.

It's actually really hard to take a picture of the mixing light, so here's the best we could do.

Red and Yellow = Orange

Red and Blue = Purple-ish (magenta)

Blue and Yellow didn't make a good picture, sorry.

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