Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sail Cars: Preschool Preview

Here's some of my fleet

I have my first "official" visit to the classroom to J's preschool tomorrow, sponsored by Pepsi Refresh.  We're going to do a modified Toilet Paper Tube Sail Car.  I was able to purchase cheap little foam circles from RAFT, a nearby resource for teachers.  This saved me a few hours of drawing, cutting out, and balancing 72 small cardboard wheels.  I also hot glued the wheels to the stirrer straws (used instead of wooden dowels because they came with the foam wheels) in hopes there will be less tears and frustration in the classroom tomorrow.

So the plans for tomorrow:
*Discuss gravity and how it pull things up high down.
*Drop a few things from way up high.
*See if they can guess what will happen when I let go of a car on a ramp.
*Have them guess which ramps would make the cars go fastest.
*Pop in the sails and have the kids see who could blow them off the table first.
*If time, I have three balloon pumps and lots of balloons for crazy balloon rocket fun.

I'll check back in with how the 2-3 yr olds responded.  I'm excited!

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