Friday, April 6, 2012

Spinning eggs

If you were handed an egg, would you be able to tell whether it was raw or hard boiled?

Here's a simple experiment to do, spin them:

The hard boiled egg is the one that easily spins.  Why?  The hard boiled egg is solid on the inside; the center of gravity is constant in the hard boiled egg.  The raw egg is filled with liquid, allowing the center of gravity to shift inside of the egg when spun, making it difficult to keep spinning.

Neat, huh?

**Thanks to hubby John who pointed this out to me.


  1. Love how simple the science behind this is!

    1. It is! Spinning hard boiled eggs might also be a good way to entertain kids for a few minutes while dinner is cooking (or after the Easter egg hunt is over). Happy spinning :-)