Thursday, May 17, 2012

Bioengineering Kids Day - June 15th, Stanford

I'm excited to be invited to help with Stanford's Bioengineering Kids Day!  This year it's held on Friday, June 15th at the Clark Center Courtyard, 1-4p.  It's opened to the broader community, but an RSVP is required to attend (6/12/12 edit: please note that the RSVP is now closed).  I was told to expect kids of all ages, even as young as 2!  If you attend, please stop by and say hi!

I'll be doing a toned down version of the Elbow Lesson that I did with high school girls through SWE back in March.  By the end of a quick stop to my booth, kids (and adults) should be able to state the bones around the elbow and the major flexors and extensors (maybe even point to the belly of the muscles too!).  They will learn muscles only pull, not push.  They will put together a 2-ruler arm with a brad for the elbow joint and use yarn to flex (bend) and extend (straighten) the arm.  Depending on their age and comprehension level, I might give them challenges or assist them so they have a working model.  I'm excited about it just thinking of the fun in store!

As for now, it's time to put away the 600 rulers that I thought would take a month to get here...

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