Friday, May 18, 2012

Working leaves no time for science play

I'm winding down on my Pepsi Refresh grant, which means I am ramping up the final push to finish my project.

I've joined a machine shop place, The TechShop, to help me create the last few pieces.  In the next few weeks, I'll have a prize wheel (think Wheel of Fortune) made so kids can learn about rotational motion and balance (and how offbalance affects rotational motion).  I hope to have a few race car ramps too.  This part of the project is a big deal for me since I am a mechanical engineer who hates big machines that could chop off my fingers.  I have to get over a more-than-slight fear and intimidation in the machine shop.  However, I personally want to make these final items.  I took the first steps with a woodshop class (which I have to take anyways to use the woodworking machines), and I have a babysitter who would like to come babysit for us regularly!  I no longer have to rely on my husbands iffy and ever changing work schedule.  Unfortunately, with my first class, I learned that this desert girl might be allergic to wood/sawdust.  What are trees? ;-)  Luckily, I'm no longer itchy/wheezy (I <3 Benedryl).

Anyways, sorry for the lack of new posts this week.  We've been pretty crazy with J's birthday party and Mother's Day over the weekend (no science :-( ).  We love when science falls into our laps during the week, but for the rest of this week, we're treading water.

This weekend is Makerfaire in the Bay Area.  We have tickets, and I'll probably get home even more jazzed about the future.  I'll try to write some highlights if I find anything useful to spreading the love of science to very young kids or the super nerdy and the exhibitors would agree to being highlighted.

Stay nerdy.

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