Thursday, May 3, 2012


We had an unintended science lesson yesterday waiting for a friend to answer her door.

A lady bug was happily sitting on a leaf of this bush.  We watched it for a few minutes and talked about ladybugs (sorry the photo isn't great, I only had my cellphone with me).

Discussion Points (as much as we could fit in in the two minutes it had J's attention):
  • Colors are red with black spots.  Red is usually a nature warning sign for predators (what eats ladybugs) to stay away.  It acts like a stop sign.
  • They have wings (our ladybug even flew up a few branches for us).
  • Ladybugs eat aphids, which are little bugs that eat leaves/plants.  J got excited and stated that the silkworms in his class eat leaves too!  However, ladybugs don't eat silkworms.
  • Insects, like the ladybug, have 6 legs.
  • The ladybug has 2 antenna, to which J gave himself antenna and pretended to be a ladybug.

Some fun ladybug sites:

J's quote: "I don't want to touch the ladybug.  It'll sting me!"

Needless to say, we were just quiet observers of the ladybug.


  1. Impromptu science lessons are some of the best, I think!

    Love his quote, too :)

    1. He's so funny. We go to our friend's almost every day. Yesterday, while approaching the door, J asked where the ladybug was like it stayed there for good.