Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pocket Frog

J's school has been doing some cool themed weeks this summer. They've had two weeks learning about the ocean, and the last two weeks were spent learning about the rain forest. On Wednesdays, they have an opportunity to bring something to share with the class that is related to the theme (think "show and tell").

Lucky for J, I was one of those Beanie Baby collectors (not hard core, and J has since ripped off most of the tags). I think we've found a different Beanie Baby to share each week for the past month (thank you McD's). Anyways, this past Wednesday as I was dropping him off at school, J insisted on keeping his "red eyed tree frog" in his pocket instead of his cubbie. Immediately, I thought of this engineer and the frog joke, and left school with a gigantic smile on my face. I made a mental note to share with you in case you haven't heard it.

I love my mini-nerd.