Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Which cookie would you choose?

We made cookies for dessert, and J got to select the one he wanted. He took his cookie before I got the picture, but he definitely knows if you only get one cookie, you better select the biggest one for the most pleasureful experience. There was one larger, standout cookie that was the cookie that got the excess batter at the end of the batch.

While helping me dish out how many cookies fit on a pan, we counted 4 rows of 3, which made 12 cookies!

Or is it 3 rows of 4? It's still 12 cookies!!

I love incorporating math into our everyday lives.


  1. I am always impressed at how good young children are at picking out the largest cookie - even when the difference is quite subtle!

    My kids always shock me by picking cookies with fewer chocolate chips - because they are less messy. ???

    1. How nice of them! J would be opposite; he'd choose the cookies with the most chocolate chips. I thought about that addition to cookie math last night, so I find it fun that you commented on it.

    2. Ha, we made coffee cake/crumb muffins this weekend, and J picked out the ones with the most crumble on the top. I love his reasoning.