Tuesday, March 13, 2012

1 day till Pi Day!

Are you ready?  Check out how to prepare for pi day with the little ones.

I spent last night making mini-pi(e)s that we'll share with J's class tomorrow.

I also think I'll see if the kiddos can recite some of pi (or at least recognize the numbers).

Some other ideas to try for Pi Day:

Three years ago, I had my baby shower on Pi Day.  It was nerdy and fit well.  One of the fun activities my friends did was have guest talk about nerdy topics like Newton's 3rd Law of Motion or explaining the refrigeration process or combustion engines.  The person who was able to go the longest without saying "Um", "like," or any other filler/thinking word won.  It was pretty funny.  We also matched the scientist to their findings - so nerdy.  I have great friends.

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