Thursday, March 29, 2012

Getting a hard boiled egg into a bottle

This was an experiment I saw online a few years back, and I've always wanted to try it.

Q: How can you get an egg to fit into a bottle with an opening smaller than the egg?
A: Science!  Check it out!

  • Open mouth bottle - large enough for an egg to squeeze through it, but small enough to seal the top with an egg.  ***Please do not use a container that once held alcohol!***
  • Matches (for adult use only)
  • 1 peeled hard boiled egg*

  • Light a match (or 3 in our case).
  • Carefully place match(es) into bottle.
  • Cover the top with a hard boiled egg.
  • Watch and note what happens

  • We used a 32 oz Gatorade bottle (note J's red juice mustache).
  • We used rice as a "padding" for the fire since I was afraid that plastic burns.
  • We didn't show it, but one match didn't heat up the bottle enough to do anything.  3 matches worked well.

  • Video 1:

  • We had so much fun, J wanted to do it again! Queue video 2:

  • The fire from matches heats up the bottle, and having the egg on top of the bottle helps extinguish the fire.
  • As the bottle cools, the air contracts, pulling the egg into the bottle.
  • The trick then becomes seeing if you can get the egg back out.  We cut it up to get it out and properly recycled the bottle.
  • My favorite part of the experiment was the surprise when the egg got sucked in completely.  POP!

*edited to add this note: hard boiled eggs peel better when they are a few days old (something I didn't know since I don't eat eggs).


  1. This is the coolest blog ever! Thank you!!! I'm going to try this with my son this week!!!! yeah!

    1. Welcome! Thanks for checking out the blog! It's fun to share science.