Saturday, March 3, 2012

Number Puzzles

We went to In N Out** earlier in the week (mainly because it's next to Costco and I didn't feel like cooking or stressing about dinner and shopping).  In N Out gives their younger guests stickers.  However, J was handed two sheets of stickers.   One of them was the standard stickers with palm trees and old fashioned cars.  The other sheet was what I thought was 100 times cooler.  It was a puzzle.  The pieces were the stickers, jumbled all on the backside. There was a number grid to stick the corresponding sticker on the other side.  To my surprise, J can recognize all 16 numbers and constructed the puzzle all by himself.

**You guys are going to think I'm a junkfood junkie!  Despite my posts about McD's straw rockets and now my praise for In N Out, we only do fast food once in a while.


  1. I'm impressed that he could make that puzzle! We got that same sheet of stickers at In N Out when we stopped there on a road trip last April. They make GOOD hamburgers, and sadly don't seem to exist on the East Coast.

    1. I was quite surprised too. He's had maybe 1 or 2 others from In N Out, and we've talked him through it. This day, he decided he was going to do it all on his own. I also think In N Out has headed eastward, but only has made it to Utah so far. They are pretty big on the never frozen, so the whole 1 day away from distribution center thing is important.