Tuesday, March 6, 2012

End of Balloon Experiment

The banana blowing up a balloon experiment started at the end of January and got exciting with a larger balloon after about 10 days later, really after we had forgotten about it.

Around the same time, we decided to fill a bottle with three mushy bananas, mainly to see if more bananas = bigger balloon.

It took 6 days for three bananas to blow up the balloon to 5.8 cm.  However, at day 6, there was noticeable mold and no change in diameter of the balloon afterward.

The bananas in both bottles came from the same bunch - it's just the three bananas were 10 days more "extra ripe".  The bottles were side by side once the 3 banana bottle was set-up.

Look - the original experiment is still standing though.  It reached a diameter of 6.8 cm by day 15.  It has since shrunk, making J sad that the balloons are small now:

Anyways, now it's time to toss these bottles.  I don't think we'll get into microscopy quite yet.

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