Friday, August 19, 2011

Fantasy Friday: Racing ramps

Please, forgive my Paint drawing**  I was going to use enginerdy paper, but I think I'm fresh out...

Anyways here's my brainstorming for this idea.

1. Sturdy interchangeable pieces for designing a fast race car.
2. Starting block that will retract when the race begins. This would allow multiple lanes of race cars to race at the same time.
3.  Pieces to attach to the bottom landing strip with different coefficients of friction (dirt, clay, tile, wood, fake grass, etc).  The top of these pieces would have slate for marking distances the race cars travel (in case the kids want to compare and contrast their results).
4.  Chalk, to mark distances traveled by the race car.

With interchangeable and modular pieces, the designs and learning could go on for hours.  The children could design their car and measure the distance it traveled on the landing strip, and then they can change their car design and try again.  Or, they can try racing their one design on different surfaces.  Or, they can try to optimize with finding the best combination of car and racing surface.  Of course, with multiple lanes, they can also have some friendly competition with their classmates.

**This has to be the best race car I've drawn. J will be so proud of his Mommy.

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