Friday, February 24, 2012

Blue Pee, Not Really

Science fun with urine?  A new potty training technique?

We spent last weekend potty training J.  We also recently put a toilet tab in the tank to keep it cleaner longer; however, unlike our previous tabs, this one dyed our water blue.  I demonstrated how to use the potty, and when I stood up I heard a surprised,  "Mom, your pee is blue!"  I chuckled and responded, "No it's green, sweetie."  That's all I needed to jump start J to using the toilet!  J was so excited to make green water in the toilet (mixing yellow urine with blue water).  I love raising a little scientist.

Now, if you really want more potty experiments, eat lots of asparagus and see if your pee smells funny.  It seems as though not everyone has funny smelling urine after eating asparagus though, so see of you're a statistic.

Mayo Clinic has some answers to different color urine.  Food, drink, and medication can change urine color.  I'm not a big fan of changing diet to excessive to see what happens.  However, I did get called by day care once to be notified of J's bright red BM.  I had to admit that he had quite a bit of Red Velvet cake the day before.

**Please use good hygiene and wash your hands.
***I apologize to anyone offended by nature.  Everyone pees and poops, mommies just seem to talk about it more freely than others.

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  1. What kid wouldn't love this! Great mommy tip =)