Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pi Day: you've been warned

Nerdy Holiday Alert!

As of right now, you have 2 weeks to plan your Pi Day celebrations.  Visit last year's run down of prepping for Pi Day and how our family celebrated Pi Day for some ideas.

Since I was a young kid, I always celebrated with pi(e).  My math club actually held a fundraiser a few weeks before so we can celebrate Pi Day the proper way.  It turned out to be a big thank you to the math tutors for volunteering their time rather than a true showing of nerdom.  However, I get very nostalgic towards Pi Day.  I feel it's a day your true nerd can shine, but I do feel that there should always be more to the holiday, like a figure, so to speak: Mathman, Pi-person, Circumference-to-diameter woman, maybe??  I'll keep thinking about it.  Whoever s/he is, s/he should come and leave calculators on desks, bake pi(e)s and pizza pi(e)s, and bless us with smarts till Pi Day of next year.

I'm excited that J is good at drawing circles now.  He's also really good at math, and he likes pie.  I'll probably end up bringing pie to his classroom again and talking a little bit about fractions: how many friends in the class, how many like or can eat pie, how many pieces should I cut the pie into, and as I serve it note when 1/4 and 1/2 of the pie is gone - how many people have received pie at that point?  Maybe, I can get them to recite Pi to a few decimal places.  That would be pretty nerdy.

I'd love to hear how you and  your family celebrate this nationally recognized holiday.

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