Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Nerdy Wedding

Photo by David G. Pickett
I went to a very small university for college.  The best part about it was that my professors had time for me and genuinely cared for my well being and future.  Yesterday, I received an email from my thermo prof/undergrad adviser checking-in and saying that she told the author of our thermo book about the pic back in the day and now the nerdy baby blog.

The story goes: As an engineering student, you have many hard classes/assignments that pull you together and closer to your classmates.  Big J and I were great friends starting the second semester of freshmen year, but it wasn't until junior year that we began dating.  We were spending lots of time together on homework, studying, projects, and procrastinating all of the above by talking about life, silly things, dreams, family background, etc.  Both of us were (well, still are) giant nerds, which was one of the traits I tell Big J that I love about him.  Fast forward two years.  We were still nerds and now planning a wedding.

Anyways, I said before, I was close to my profs, especially my thermo prof; I was close enough to babysit her two adorable kids all of the time.  Due to a recent move across country and two young kids at home, she couldn't make the trip to CA for the wedding.  I was sad, but I wanted her to know that she was there in spirit.  Luckily, our photographer was also in our thermo class and was totally in on my idea.  We decided to do a "Where's Waldo" type of game with the Thermo Book in the background of our wedding pictures.  The picture above was the most obvious one.  It was also behind us at the head table, on the DJ stand during our first dance, enjoying treats by the chocolate fountain, and our best man (also in our thermo class) gave his speech with the book in hand.  Ya, we're nerds, but it was fun.

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