Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentines Day Discussion

I'm a Valentine's Day Scrooge.  I like hearts.  I like pink (I really don't like red despite my Stanford background).  I like chocolates and candies.  I hate the hype of Valentine's Day and feeling obligated to show love and appreciation on that specific day.

Well, J liked the idea of Valentine's treats, but sharing time with the theme of LOVE came a day after Valentine's Day.  This morning, when we asked J what he'd like to share for V Day, he answered, "Valentine's Day is OVER!"  It's true.  I avoided mentioning that also means cheaper candies!  I was quite excited for his matter-of-fact statement solely for that reason.

We explained the theme and asked what he loves.  He answered, "Mommy!"  (awww)  I explained that I couldn't be at share time today.  He then shouted SCIENCE!  (nerd! yes!)   I also explained that it would be hard to share science with his limited share time, space, and attention given during share time (though he did wear one of his science shirts).  He settled on dinosaurs.  He loves dinosaurs and brought dinosaurs for his Valentine's Love Themed Share Time.  Sigh.

Also, when we got home, he wanted me to write "science" over and over on his magna doodle.  I pointed out his science shirt said "Science."  He was so excited.  I love my little scientist!

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