Thursday, August 11, 2011


Play with light a little. We've already discussed shadows, now it's time for reflections. Instead of absorbing/blocking the light (as we do with shadows), we're bouncing light in another direction with reflections.

From a young age, J loved seeing his reflection in the mirror. I still have no idea if he knew it was him when he was 6 mo old. Now, he just really loves looking at himself in the mirror and all of the funny faces he can make. He also likes to point out his favorite body parts while looking in the mirror (anatomy lesson!).

High five mirror baby!

Fun things to do with reflections:
**Find and point out different objects where you can see reflections.  Mirrors are obvious.  Aluminum foil, windows, water, plastics, etc.  Which are the best reflective materials?
**Write a message so that it is read normally in the reflection.
**Stick something on your child where they wouldn't be able to see it without using a mirror.  Direct them to a mirror to find the object.
**Set up multiple mirrors and get different views/multiples of your child.
**Can you make a mirror of half of your body?  Do funny things, like pretend to run, fly, jump.
**Laser light show!!  (just don't shine lasers in peoples eyes, of course)

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P.S. I love you guys. Thanks for all of your support!

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