Monday, August 8, 2011

Monday Caffeine Break...

Since Pepsi is sponsoring this grant that I want, I figured to give them a shout-out with Science.

Behold, the tipping soda can:

So I was 100% bored during middle and high school lunches that this became my entertainment most of the time. When the can is 2/3 empty (or filled to the second "P" in Pepsi), try to see if you can get the can to balance on it's lower rim. I also liked spinning it in that position too. Kids can do it too. It might keep them occupied for 5 minutes or so when you're trying to down your food...

P.S. What would I do now that sodas are banned from many schools? Not sure, probably sleep through lunch.

Obligatory vote tag:

Don't forget to Vote Online:

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Vote by Text: 107753 to 73774.


Please use your power votes (codes on specially marked Pepsi products). I got 25 "power votes" with my afternoon soda. I'll be happy to use your unused codes too...just send them my way and I'll do the dirty work.

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****I'll be giving suggestions for your other votes here. Feel free to help out others!

You can use your other 4 votes for people who have supported me and given me good advice: Atwater Classrooms

and just cool robot projects: Recycling Robot and Robogames.****

P.S. I love you guys. Thanks for all of your support!

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