Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Only two more voting days left!!

Please take the time to vote today and tomorrow. We are down to the wire and have been holding steady at #15 thanks to all of your votes!

**You might have to click the link again once you sign in, in order to vote for my project**

Vote by Text: 107753 to 73774.


Please use your power votes (codes on specially marked Pepsi products). I'll be happy to use your unused codes too...just send them my way and I'll do the dirty work.

****Feel free to help out other projects! ****

Please use your extra daily votes to support our Partners:

Atwater Classrooms (text 107863 to 73774).

Tech'ing Morganton Day School Classrooms  (text 107954 to 73774)

And very nice supporters, who are giving us lots of votes and encouragements, so please support them with your votes however you can:

Inclusion Project (co-founded by Clay Aiken) (text 108169 to 73774).

Squeeze - Feed, Teach, Nourish (text 107827 to 73774).

Recycling Robot (text 108147 to 73774).

**** Don't forget to use comments, so they know we are supporting them!!! ****

I will also be asking you to support some projects who "paid it forward" and voted for us this month and are competing next month, so stay tuned.

I love you guys. Thanks for all of your support and encouragement! This Refresh Grant has been a blessing in so many ways. I'm looking forward to telling you next month (when "official" results are announced) that we won!

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