Friday, August 26, 2011

Fantasy Friday: Science Fairs

No fancy paint drawings this week, just some verbose program description.

My desire is to bring fun science to kids with multiple visits to the classroom (1/week, 1/mo, or some other determined interval). I would do my lessons and let them experience science through making hypotheses (even if they are wrong) and experimenting. Then we'd discuss why their experiment ended up the way it did with each lesson (and maybe give them a "key science word" to use in everyday conversation because that's what cool nerdy people do).

After the multi-week program, we'd hold an open house, or "science fair." My goal is not to put more work on the parents (truth be told, my mom did a majority of my science fair brunt work - and this is a very young age group), but to have a space where kids can showcase what scientific concepts they have learned to their parents. I'd make the science fair displays with concepts and potential hypotheses and hopefully engage scientific discussions within the families. The kids would demonstrate how the science works (hopefully with gigantic "I did it" smiles).

The lessons would be tailored to the school/classroom's desire, or they can pull from yet-to-be determined themes I'll have prepared.

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