Monday, August 1, 2011

Please Vote!

Ok, now it's not so much a secret.  I want to be doing science education for a living - mainly bringing Nerdy Baby (aka Nerdy Science) to young children.

Pepsi has this $5k refresh grant that I applied for a month ago, and I've been told they chose it (along with many others) for voting.  Please, please vote!!  This would help me bring a couple of traveling exhibits to children in libraries, community centers, parks, day cares, etc.  I felt that I had enough connections within my circles to actually make this "voting" grant submission worth while.  Please help me out!!

Please vote for Nerdy Science here:

I'll update the blog with how frequently we're allowed to vote (mine says 5 votes, but I'm not sure how to use those: 1/idea or 1/day, etc).  There are also "power votes" worth up to 100 votes, if you drink enough Pepsi products.

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